Hands care – a “must” in the Cold Season

Our hands are objects of praise and muse for painters, sculptors, poets and writers from around the world. Nature has created them beautiful, delicate and exquisite, as each of us are. However, beauty without sacrifice or work does not exist, reason why our hands must be preserved and protected especially in the cold season. Low temperatures, wind and precipitations can cause the skin to be dry, irritated, cracked and exfoliated, things that none of us wants.

Hands Care

Use the cream for hands often – it is important not only to apply daily a hand cream, but also to choose the cream right for the skin and season.

In autumn, the cream must be strongly protective and moisturizing. Pay attention at the ingredients of the cream that you want to buy and try to buy products that have as many natural ingredients. In this sense, look after vitamins, natural oils and as little as possible paraffin and Vaseline. Do not forget the masks for the hands – even if we use often masks for face, we forget most of the times to apply a mask for the hands too, which is essential in the cold season. 

The mask should not be used more than 1-2 times a week and it helps you through the fact that it offers to the skin a powerful and intense hydration.

Do not leave home without gloves – even if it is not snowing, wind and low temperatures are not suitable for the skin of the hands. Choose a pair of warm gloves, to protect you and to feel comfortable. Certainly, in the variety of colors and models available on the market, you will find a pair that fits you.